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Dot Matrix Printers

People are often surprised to discover that there is still a thriving market for dot matrix printers. The idea of a dot matrix printer tends to be a large, bulky, noisy printer, pushed in the corner of an office, churning out reams and reams of green lined paper. However, the reality is that dot matrix printers are still used in many businesses where the need to print multi part forms still exists - particularly trade counters, cash and carry outlets and many others.


The word “dot matrix” encompasses several types of printer but typically refers to impact printers which have a 9 or 24 pin printhead. The printhead moves back and forth across the page, impacting a ribbon against the paper, similar to the mechanism on a typewriter. Other styles of impact printer include line printers, band printers, and receipt printers. Popular manufacturers of these printers are Epson, Oki, TallyGenicom and IBM.


Why choose dot matrix ? They are cheap to run, reliable, user friendly and hard wearing. They tend to be the preferred choice of printer when printing high volumes, for example data logging, accounts offices and where high speed and draft content is more important than the aesthetic look of the finished document


Choice of media – depending on the model, you can use pre- printed multi part forms and labels, carbon copy paper, continuous fan fold paper, letter head, cut sheet, envelopes and bank books. The main advantage of dot matrix printing over inkjet and laser technologies is its ability to print on multi part (generally up to 6 sheets) at a time.


A new dot matrix printer may cost more than most inkjet or laser printers initially, but the on-going running costs for a dot matrix printer are far cheaper than laser or ink.


Sudden Impact is able to supply, repair and refurbish dot matrix printers. We have a team of qualified technicians who have many years of experience in repairing these printers. We can also provide specialised advice and support when it comes to choosing your dot matrix printer.

When choosing a dot matrix, things to consider:

9 pin or 24 pin Dot Matrix printer?

Whilst 9 pins are still widely used, 24 pin printers ensure clearer, crisper text and faster print speeds. They are extremely reliable and are preferred when content is more important than the quality of the output.


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