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Document Scanners

Document scanners are designed for one purpose: converting paper documents into digital images. As a result, they can do it better, faster and more productively than an MFP. In addition, dedicated scanners usually take up much less space than a Multifunction Printer (MFP), and can be purchased for far less than an MFP. Efficiently deploying both MFPs and dedicated scanners in an office allows scanning to be performed without interrupting the normal workflow of an MFP.

When selecting a dedicated scanner, look beyond the usual parameters of speeds and feeds. You should look for machines than can handle a wide array of document types as well as varying workloads. Ease of use is critical, as organizations need scanners than any employee can use with minimal training from the IT manager. A scanner should also be able to prevent mechanical errors that bog users down. Ultrasonic multifeed detection ensures that only one page of a document is fed through the scanner at once, thus eliminating paper jams. Similarly, missed-feed detection ensures that pages won’t slip past the scan element without being digitized, so you won’t have to run pages through a second time.

Black scanning background instead of the typical white one allows the scanner to more easily find the edges of paper documents, which allows for more accurate scanning of documents of varying sizes. Other welcome features are front-loading document feeders, which provide for the most convenient placement of originals to be scanned, as well as blank page detection, which automatically deletes any pages it scans that are blank, conserving storage resources. The ability to automatically detect whether pages are in color or monochrome and scanning them accordingly is also very helpful. You should also consider maintenance, giving extra weight to scanners that make changing rollers and replacing bulbs a user-serviceable task that doesn’t require a service call.

Software is also integral to the performance of a scanner. Kofax VirtualReScan (VRS) is the most commonly used scan enhancement software. It automatically cleans up scanned images so that OCR can be more accurately performed, such as removing background colors or darkening light text without requiring manual adjustments. It can also automatically crop documents to their correct page sizes and smoothes images to remove graininess. The basic version of VRS is bundled with many document scanners.


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